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Sawa World

Founded in 2007 by Daphne Nederhorst


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Sawa World is a globally awarded NGO for using an innovative approach to provide large-scale access to local solutions that can instantly encourage marginalized youth to start a business in one day.


Youth unemployment is colossal global challenge. Millions of young people are searching for jobs. This is even more prominent for youth who are living in extreme poverty. In Uganda, between 60 to 80 percent of youth are unemployed or underemployed This puts an enormous strain on the national social and economic structures. The ‘free hand out’ programs from numerous international charities have further elevated the problem of the youth unemployment and created a dependency syndrome and reduced innovation generation among the marginalized youth.

Solution and innovation

Sawa World facilitates large-scale access to simple and locally-created skills (solutions) to unemployed youth that live in extreme poverty. The youth can instantly apply these skills, start small-scale enterprises in one day, gain income and transform their lives. The solutions are found by inspiring selfless leaders (Sawa Sparks) who live themselves in vulnerable communities. TheSparks freely share their solutions through peer-to-peer trainings and act as powerful local mentors to the youth. The solutions are also shared through self-learnings tools such as “how to” videos and posters. The solutions can be learned in one day, started with less then $5 to $25, and have the potential to generate income within one month.

Sawa World has innovated its programs in eleven countries including in the regions of the Caribbean, South Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa and West Africa. Since 2012, 47,346 unemployed youth in Uganda were given access to over 70 local solutions. 58 percent of the youth started a Sawa World Solution within one month. Since 2014, Sawa World has encourage the youth to start over 4,000 small-scale enterprises in Uganda.

"Start small, start now", Sawa World Spark, John Mutamba (Uganda).

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