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Rural advocacy Bangladesh

Exchange facilitating

On a 7-day visit in India the learning group of Bangladesh visited:

It was a full programme with meetings, lectures, and seeing in practice. Each initiative has different approaches for their local challenges. This made the visit a rich experience in which the group learned many new insights and knowledge to tackle their own local challenges.


Bangladesh rural advocacy report 

This report tells about the learning results of Bangladesh team from Restless Development, Pravah and the YP Foundation. At the end of the report, action plan after the learning visit is presented.


Watch the video about the reflection of Tosiba from Oxfam Bangladesh.

An interview with Astha about the 5th space

Astha from Pravah introduced that there are four spaces where youth spent most of their time, namely family, friends, career/career-related education, entertainment. Yet these four spaces are predominant by adults. Thus the idea of the 5th space is raised, which is co-led, co-created and co-designed by young people. The 5th space ensures that the voice of youth is heard and the needs of youth are met.