Follow The Law is an initiative of Network Democracy. It’s a web tool that provides a forum for citizens to participate actively in the law making process.

Deepening Democracy, the change we seek Back to Projects Project Deepening Democracy, the change we seek In almost all countries, no matter how poor or wealthy, serious issues with the functioning of democracy exist. Women, youth and other marginalized people are even worse off, as they are barely represented and their issues are rarely prioritized. […]

Budget monitoring is a tool that gives citizens more influence on the spending of government money, and the government more insight in the people’s concerns

(Brazil, the Netherlands and Poland)

Social entrepreneurs from Cambodia and the Netherlands jointly explore the opportunities for reverse development cooperation and upholding social business values

Peace building theatre techniques for polarized groups, by discovering each other’s human sides (Palestinian territories, Israel and the Netherlands)

Caja Lúdica from Guatemala teaches Dutch theatre makers to use culture and give youths self-confidence and hope

Creativity liberates – and reduces the re-offending rate of youth prisoners by letting them discover their talents (South Africa, Colombia, Malawi and the Netherlands)

The Oasis Game is a playful method developed in the slums of São Paulo, by Instituto Elos from Brazil. The participative method for community development is used by community members and change-makers working in local communities taking on the challenge of social cohesion, urban planning and welfare. More and more people are also becoming involved.
Through cultural exchanges, the Oasis game has been exported to Spain and Netherlands and to more than 50 countries in total developing new games which are inspired in the Oasis participative method.
The E-mpulse game, as a result of this process, it is an online and offline incubation challenge to support the creation and development of ideas, dreams and projects that will change the world.